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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Someone is Confused

On December 8, I ordered Vince's Christmas present. My credit card was charged on December 8. When I placed the order, I was told that before they mailed the present, I would receive an e-mail with the tracking number so I could follow its path from them to me. I never received the e-mail so I called on Monday and they said "oh, it takes 2 - 4 weeks before we mail it." That was on the web page in fine print and I should've paid closer attention. The lady told me that they were going to ship it on 12/20 and I would receive an e-mail with the tracking number. I did and when I tracked the package, it said it weighed 9 pounds and would be here tomorrow, 12/22. Well, the present weighs 85 pounds and one of the accessories weighs 25 pounds. There were other accessories which probably account for the 9 pound package. I called them back today and they were confused. Said they would check on it and call me back. They did. Very apologetic but the actual present will not be shipped til tomorrow, 12/22. Will probably arrive on Monday. Very sorry! It's ok . . I should have read that it wouldn't ship for 2 - 4 weeks and I would not have been disappointed. But, I was disappointed because I think this is such a cool gift. Vince is the type person who goes out and buys everything he wants and it makes it so hard to get anything that will be a surprise. I love surprises! And, it's hard to get something he really likes. One year I bought him some hand made really nice wind chimes and they're still sitting in a box in the basement. I loved them! Anyway, I think I have the perfect gift for this year. So, I wanted it here for Christmas but had accepted that it wouldn't happen. This afternoon, the doorbell rings and . . it's Fed Ex and . . they have the present. The driver had left it at my front door. I went out the garage door (can't hardly open the front door when the doorbell rings because of Speck) and the driver said . . oh, it's heavy, can I put it in the garage for you. I'm wondering what on earth he's bringing that's so heavy and . . there it is . . the present that isn't getting shipped til tomorrow! Someone (and it's not me this time) is very confused. I am so happy it is here. Now for the fun part. It's a big box and I don't think I could wrap it and I surely couldn't get it under the tree so I stuck it in the corner, covered it with a Christmas quilt and stacked more quilts (some tops not yet quilted) on top. Wanna bet Vince never notices that there's a box under that Christmas quilt? :) Judy


  • Judy,
    LOL...that's AWESOME! So glad Vince's gift arrived! Steve's arrived today too! WOOHOO!!

    By Blogger Laurie, at 12/21/2005 06:55:00 PM  

  • LOL! Love the hidey place. And I am so curious as to what weighs so much!

    Your Vince sounds like my Kevin - if I buy it as a surprise, here he comes with one like it, or guesses it, or finds it. It's awesome that this one sounds like a winner for you!

    By Blogger Sharon, at 12/21/2005 08:15:00 PM  

  • He'll never think to look there - excellent disguise. Hurrah for the present arriving on time.

    By Blogger Tonya R, at 12/21/2005 11:06:00 PM  

  • Very clever! Lets hope he really loves the really heavy gift! (You have piqued my interest...)

    By Blogger The Calico Cat, at 12/22/2005 05:37:00 AM  

  • Judy - that is so wonderful that it all came! I can't wait to see what it is! I hope he likes it! And I love how you decided to "wrap" it!

    One of my presents for my husband isn't showing up until Jan sometime - but then again I think that is the order where my credit card number got stolen - so I'm seriously thinking of cancelling the order - they aren't going to be able to charge me anyway - they still have the old credit card number now!

    By Blogger Dawn, at 12/22/2005 06:39:00 AM  

  • I love how it is wrapped ;c) . I think he will never find it.. I think we are now also curious

    By Blogger Lucy, at 12/22/2005 07:33:00 AM  

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