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Thursday, December 15, 2005

The BEST Gift!

A little family history here: Vince's dad, Frank, was born in 1897 in Sicily and immigrated to the U. S. in about 1910 - 1915. We aren't really sure of the exact year but know he was a teen when he came here. Vince's mom, Carmel, was born in 1907, also in Sicily and came to the U. S. with her family as a young child, about age 5. They were both deceased long before Vince and I met so I never met either of them. Vince's mom died in 1979 and his dad died in 1983. (Vince and I met in 1994.) Vince's dad was a concrete contractor in the Ballston Spa, NY area. Several years ago, we were visiting Vince's brother and he had a brass plate that Frank had used in sidewalks. Louis had framed the plate and had it hanging on the wall. I wanted one! All the Laquidara boys had worked with Frank at one time or another in the business (typical Italian family, huh?) but Louis had kept the business going for many years after Frank had retired. Louis explained that they had always stamped their name in the sidewalks but in 1930, Frank had just 2 or 3 of these brass plates made and the only other one Louis knew about was still in a city sidewalk. Louis called last week and told us he had sent a package and it arrived yesterday. Inside was a brass plate that Louis had rescued from the sidewalk that was being re-done. I am so happy to have this and I know Vince is too.


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