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Sunday, January 22, 2006

He Finds Bargains Too!

Vince can sniff out a bargain from miles away! I do not have that gift. I usually try to get the best deal I can find but he manages to get things dirt cheap. The Printer Story: I have a 10 year old HP color inkjet printer and it is so slow. We've gotten a couple of other inexpensive printers through the years but I've always gone back to the old HP. It prints clearly and ink seems to last forever. But, I am printing more and more and it just can't keep up. Every time I think I've decided which printer I want, I talk myself out of it. Yesterday Vince and Chad went out shopping. The new Sam's Club opened and Vince just had to go and I wasn't going near that place on the first day it opened. So, off they went. They decided to stop at Office Depot (my favorite place!). They had two HP 1200 series inkjet printers marked down from $299 to $179. Vince talked to his favorite salesman and the guy assured Vince it was a great buy at that price. So, Vince was going to get me one. What a nice guy! :) He got to the register and the manager who had helped me with my laptop transaction was there and he told Vince "That's a great deal! Those were just marked down to $59!" So, Vince got both of the them! The printer is still on the HP website for $299. What a deal, huh? I love that it has 2 paper trays and it is already set up for a network so I can sit here in the living room, tell it to print and choose whichever tray I want to use without having to run in there and change the paper. I think I'm lazy! Judy


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