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Thursday, November 24, 2005

What Quilt Maverick Means to Me

Bonnie mentioned in her Thanksgiving Day post a challenge of sorts for us to tell what "quilt maverick" means to us. For me, it kinda changes from time to time but for now, I love doing quilts that use regular, every day type blocks but they are colored differently or parts of them are colored differently so that when one looks at the quilt, they can't always see where one block ends and the other begins. I guess it's more of a "blending of blocks" technique that interests me at this time. Thanksgiving Day was great here. Most of the leftovers are put away. DH and DS are set to go shopping in the morning .. not me, I am NOT a shopper and I am so much NOT a shopper, I don't plan on going to Wal-mart, Target or the mall til well after Christmas.

I'm doing a Christmas quilt for the AQS Projects magazine which comes out in the summer (I think). I have my Christmas fabric but I'm testing my instructions with some stash fabric. Probably not what I would have chosen if I were at the quilt shop but I'm using 10-1/2 yards out of the stash! Here are the fabrics I'm using:


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