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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Narrow Fabric Drives me NUTS!

Why is it that fabrics are no longer 44" wide? Heck, some are barely 40" wide these days. It just bugs the heck out of me. It would seem that fabric manufacturers could agree on some width and stick with it! Look at this strip. The longer (actually almost 45" wide) fabric is Red Rooster fabric. I love Red Rooster fabrics! The shorter one is 42" wide, with a wide selvage so that when the selvage is removed, you have 41" of useable fabric. This one is "Nancy J. Smith & Lynda S. Milligan, Possibilities for AvLyn, Inc." I'm not picking on them because there are several manufacturers that keep getting narrower and narrower (wish I could say the same thing for myself! ) I think as a group, quilters should demand some kind of standard from the fabric manufacturers. So, for now, I am going to measure the width of fabrics at the quilt shop and I'm not going to buy those that are way short (unless I *really* like them!) JL


  • Hi Judy, I am in total agreement. It's crazy what is happening to the WIDTH of fabric. The price sure isn't less. I began to notice it first with Debbie Mumm stuff way back when.
    Where it bugs me the most is in flannels..which shrink the most anyway.
    I've been know to ask at the cutting counter, how wide is that? I don't think that's rude, it's information I need to determine how much to buy.

    By Blogger Finn, at 10/19/2005 09:58:00 AM  

  • Not sure about you, but often run below 40" because I'm a pre-washer. So that shrinks it up even more! Isn't it the pits!

    By Blogger Dawn, at 10/19/2005 11:52:00 AM  

  • Unfortunately, I think it is the same practice as other household goods that are being packaged in slightly smaller packages with the hint that they are the same as the old size. I think it's an effort to make money on less goods and dare I say it---hope we don't notice or do something about it.

    I find it very irritating & right up there with the skimpy cuts at the fabric store.

    By Blogger Debra Spincic, at 10/20/2005 07:55:00 AM  

  • I never count on the width of fabric either -- I assume it is 40", if it's more, great, if it's less, it'll end up in the scrap bin if I can't use it in the intended quilt.

    By Blogger Joanne, at 10/22/2005 02:25:00 PM  

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