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Thursday, September 29, 2005

An Amazing Story

There's a message board for those from Lake Charles trying to get information about the hurricane. One of the sections is on "Business Updates". One firm had mentioned the plight of one of their employees. Here are the pertinent facts: The lady's husband worked for the sheriff's department. On Wednesday night before the storm hit, he was involved in an accident and suffered pretty serious injuries, consisting of a torn Aorta, bruise on his brain, fractured skull, broken ribs and a broken pelvis. He had surgery for the torn Aorta which necessitated collapsing a lung. Then with the hurricane heading their way, he was airlifted to Monroe, where he is still in ICU. Then Sunday, the wife had a baby! He arrived a few days early but can you imagine being 9 months pregnant and (1) your husband being involved in such a serious accident; (2) the hurricane heading your way and having to evacuate and (3) having the baby early with all this going on? I don't know these people but I think the mom and baby both need a quilt!! So, that's on the agenda for today. I think I'll see if I can find a panel type baby quilt for the baby and make something really pretty for the mom. JL


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