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Monday, October 17, 2005

Home Sweet Home

Our time at the cabin in Georgia was wonderful! As much fun as we had there, it is good to be home to my own little nest of fabric, sewing paraphernalia, longarm and . . my own bed! Speck was happy to get back to his fenced yard where he doesn't have to be taken out on a leash. He loves his little backyard. Chad probably wasn't happy to get home because he had to go back to school today. No doubt Vince wasn't happy to go back to work today but he was happy to get back in his own bed too. I highly recommend the cabin in GA if anyone wants to spend a few days of R & R. It's Wally's Wonderland. The Blue Ridge area of GA is such a pretty region. The mountains are green and not so cruel and rugged looking as the Rockies, many of the streams and rivers are crystal clear but Atlanta has moved north! Just three years ago when we were in Blue Ridge, the area wasn't nearly so busy and commercialized. This community had been near the top of our choices for retirement but I think we may have changed our mind. My vote is to retire in KY maybe on one of the lakes but I have a feeling my vote doesn't count. Chad has to be at school at 4:15 a.m. for a field trip so night-night time comes early so . . goodnight! Judy


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