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Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! No big plans here. I may pick up corned beef sandwiches at the deli tonight. One of my best memories of St. Patrick's Day is one when Vince was still living in GA and he had flown in to Houston for the weekend. We went to Plain & Fancy Quilt Shop and they had a big sale . . 25% off everything that had any amount of green. I came home with a van load of fabric! Probably still haven't used some of it and that was at least 10 years ago! Just so you know I'm still quilting, even though none of my recent blog posts have mentioned quilting, this is a quilt I just finished for a customer. It is a Jinny Beyer kit and it looks like it was really hard to make . . or it would have been hard for me because I hate tiny pieces and "Y" seams. It is a beautiful quilt though! Even though I know how much work went into the top, I always love the backings when the quilting shows up! One more quilt to get done before we leave, two more tops to finish this week in order to meet my goals! I can do it though! This Jinny Beyer quilt took longer than I had hoped but that's because part of the time was spent ripping .. more time with my best friends - the seam rippers! :) The feather design in the triangles is by Keryn Emmerson who is on the Mavericks Ring. This is probably my favorite stencil and one that I use over and over again. Thanks Keryn! Now . . I'm off to torture myself -- clothes shopping! :( Judy


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