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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Speaking of Sewing Machines

Debra, a fellow blogger, has just purchased a new Janome 6500, as has Brenda, one of my quilting buddies here. So .. what happens to Judy when she begins to hear about Brenda's new machine and then she hears about Debra's new machine? Of course, she wants one! Now, Judy doesn't need a new sewing machine. No doubt, neither did Debra or Brenda and they still got one! As luck would have it, the 1/4" foot to my trusty Singer 301 broke on Saturday so Monday I had to make a trip to the sewing machine shop . . who also happens to be the Janome dealer. Funny how that foot broke at the exact time I was wanting a new sewing machine! So, I sat down and played around with the 6500. They had a special because there's a new model coming out . . maybe a 6600 but I can't remember. Then I came to my senses. Let's see, how many sewing machines does one quilter need. Make that one quilter who only does straight stitching! Somewhere in this house are:

  • Bernina 930 from the mid 80's -- works great!!
  • Bernina 1230 from the early 90's -- works great!!
  • Four Singer 301 machines from a long time ago -- all work great . . in my opinion, the BEST machine for straight stitching.
  • Eight Singer Featherweights from a long time ago -- all work great.

Now that is 14 sewing machines but there are more. There are Singer 99-K models, there is some kind of a green Singer, there's a Singer 401 or 403 (can't remember) and then on the non-sewing type sewing machines, there are:

  • Bernina Deco 500 embroidery machine -- never used it much; probably never will again
  • Bernina serger -- use it some . . not a lot
  • APQS Millennium longarm -- use it ALL the time and love it!

So, I walked out with the new 1/4" foot and felt so proud of myself for making a rational decision related to a sewing machine. Not like me at all!

Know what's really funny? The 1/4" foot for the 301 cost me $22 and the sewing machine itself only cost me $15. Amazing!

So, Debra and Brenda, enjoy your new Janome 6500 machines. I'll still sit here and wish I had one but know I don't need it and am being so frugal and wise to just continue with what I have.

Now . . I think I will buy myself a color laser printer. That is what I'm really wanting!



  • Hey Judy...thanks for setting such a good example ! High fives, cheers and applauding for you decision about the new machine. There is nothing wrong with wanting it, or even buying one...but sometimes it seems to me that "aquiring" becomes the creative part..not the "making".
    Just my opinion..*S*

    By Blogger Finn, at 11/03/2005 09:15:00 AM  

  • Eight Featherweights? Be still my heart. Please show!!

    By Blogger Nines, at 11/03/2005 08:29:00 PM  

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