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Friday, November 04, 2005

Singer 301 info

Several of you have written me about the Singer 301. Here's about all I know about it.

  • It makes the most perfect stitch!
  • It only sews straight -- no zig zag, nothing fancy
  • They never break!
  • They weigh about 11 pounds
  • FW bobbins and bobbin cases fit the 301 but it is a "slant" shank so the same feet do not fit the FW & 301.
  • 301A is the short bed which fits into the cabinets. 301 has the longer bed (the little flap that flops down on the left of the needle -- has nothing to do with the amount of space in the throat
  • Price - The least I've paid was $5 at a garage sale for the tan/mocha one that I use ALL the time . It was missing the cord and foot pedal (which cost me an additional $20 at the local sewing shop), had no cabinet or carrying case but I can't pass up a 301. The most I paid was $125 on ebay for the first tan/mocha because I could only find plain tans around and I wanted the two-tone. I paid $35 for one at Goodwill but it came with a gorgeous cabinet and Singer stool and I paid $100 for one in GA at an antique store. It also came with a cabinet and stool. We had gone to GA for two weeks at Christmas and I took a FW that was so darned slow (has since been fixed) and I couldn't fix it so I was lucky to find anything to use. Glad it was a 301.

So, if straight stitching is all you need, you can't beat the Singer 301, IMO. If you're looking for one, check ebay. They often have pretty decent deals on there for the 301.


  • Thanks for that information Judy, I've written it down and am going to carry it with me...just in case *G* I'd love a Singer...just have to find a good buy..ya know?

    By Blogger Finn, at 11/05/2005 07:51:00 AM  

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