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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lots of Sewing on Saturday

About the 36 yards of fabric that I bought yesterday, you all almost made me feel guilty but I need to explain (translate: make excuses). I normally go to the quilt shop once a month to pick up and deliver quilt. When I went last month, that was during the August Fabric Diet so I bought nothing. I may not go back in October because I'm hoping to get back to Louisiana then. And, I make 3 or 4 quilt tops each month so I really do go through a lot of fabric. Vince pretty much watched football games all day, Chad worked and other than fixing breakfast and lunch, and a couple of loads of laundry and other minor housekeeping chores, I spent the day sewing. I find that working from the stash, especially doing quilts that need variety, I make such a mess! I am pretty messy anyway but I seem to be making more of a mess than usual. Yesterday I came up with the plan for the October Quilt for an Hour project. I love it and I hope you will too. You can't see it yet -- at least not til mid-September. I'd like to have it all quilted before I show it to you. I have the quilting idea in my head. It was for this project that I was pulling fabrics this morning. These squares are used in the top - how's this for a tease? Last night I got all the backgrounds washed, dried and ironed and got the purples washed and dried but didn't get them ironed. Look who I found all wrapped up in my purples as I was trying to get them pressed. Judy L.


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