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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Almost Missed the Weekend!

I am definitely turning into my grandmother. I never know what day it is anymore. Vince is out of town, Chad works almost every day so . . how was I to know it was the weekend? Guess it doesn't really matter if it's a weekday or a weekend but after having worked for so many years, I will always love weekends! Anyway, Chad left to go to work and he told me he was going by the bank on the way home. I told him I needed to go so we could go when he gets home since he gets off at 2 today. But, the bank closes at noon on Saturday. Vince is in NY and I knew he was going to his brother's for the weekend. He called this morning to tell me he was at Louis' and I said . . wait a minute . . is today Saturday? Yep, sure is. Oh, well, doesn't really matter I suppose. My garden is so happy. I honestly think if I sit out there long enough, I can see the plants grow. My favorite tomato is Juliet, a mini-Roma. These babies are just the right size . . they just need to get ripe. Trying to judge by where I had the different plants planted last year and the plants that came up volunteer, I hope I might have 4 or 5 of these plans. One plant will produce more than Vince and and I can eat (and I eat a LOT of them!). Chad would die before he'd eat a tomato. I'm afraid I'll have more Mr. Stripey than anything else though and that was a good eating tomato but not so good for canning. There are so many birds out there and I know they're watching the same things I'm watching -- tomatoes! I think I will run to Hancock's today and get some cheesecloth. My little patch is so small, it will be fairly easy to cover it enough to keep the birds out. Once the Japanese Beetles get here, there will be no cheesecloth to be found in this town. My first callas are blooming too. I have pink and white ones. The yellow ones didn't make through the winter year before last and now there's no room to put more so I'll have to live with pink and white ones. My neighbors dig theirs up every fall and then start them inside in pots. Way too much trouble . . so far mine have come back every year, with the exception of the yellow ones. Zucchini is blooming. I think I now have enough basil that I can make pesto this weekend which will make Chad very happy. Hollyhocks are blooming. I'm trying to watch them and cut the spent blooms and remove any seed pods. Those rascals come up everywhere. I think they're harder to control than mint! On the quilting front, I plan to do the final writing on three patterns today and then spend the evening sewing. Here's the fabric I'm going to use today. Notice it has lime green and purple . . it will be a fun quilt for me to make. Hope everyone has a fun weekend! Judy L.


  • Judy,
    The garden looks great! Love the calla lily! GORGEOUS!!! And the fabrics...that lime green is an AWESOME fabric! LOVE IT! I am sure that quilt will be one that makes people very happy!!!

    By Blogger Laurie, at 6/10/2006 09:31:00 AM  

  • I've got the same problem, Judy--have to look at the paper's date sometimes to know what the heck day it is. When you don't work outside the home, there is no need much of the time to know as they all flow together. Throw a holiday in and it really misses me up.

    BUT I would not trade that for all the working hours in the world.

    By Blogger Linda_J, at 6/10/2006 05:33:00 PM  

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