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Monday, February 20, 2006

Becky's Quilt

I didn't get very good pix of the quilting but here's a few pictures of Becky's quilt. Some pictures include Becky so I'm sure she'll be squawking at me as soon as she sees them! She did tell me that she liked lime green even before she met me so maybe I don't get full credit for her crazy color preferences. She did seem to like the quilting and that makes me happy. The top is a design I did and a few of my friends made it but it is totally half square triangles and they gave me so much grief, I decided not to do anything else with the design. For the quilting, I did feathers in the border, loops through the green in the main section of the quilt, meandered in the white and did a squiggly line through the stars using variegated thread. In the blue/pink squares between the stars, I did a line dancing type design also with the variegated thread. And, here she is looking at the back side. It makes me so happy when I quilt a top for someone who truly loves what I've done! Judy L.


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