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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Friendship Star Quilt

Several asked about the Friends for a Cure quilt. Here's an EQ drawing of it.

I used a regular friendship star block but the sashing is a stretched quarter square triangle. And, I set it on point.

Here's a two block drawing with the blocks set straight which might make it easier to understand what I did. On the Friends for a Cure quilt, I made one quarter of the quarter square triangle sashing out of the same fabric and the block so the block doesn't look like it's a square. Here's a drawing that may help visualize what I did.

For this quilt, I asked those participating to make their star using a dark pink center with a light pink background or vice versa; and I asked for a fat quarter or quarter yard (can't remember) of the background fabric to be used for the sashing. Once I had all the blocks, I chose the darker sashing material which makes the smaller star in the sashing.

Hope this makes sense . .

As far as the stars showing through from the back side, I used a white on white backing and the sun was shining brightly on the front of the quilt when I was taking the picture so you could see the color through from the back side.



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