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Thursday, July 14, 2005

New Appliances . . blahhhhhhh

Whatever happened to quality? Or, is it just Whirlpool that isn't worth anything any more? Two years ago we bought a new washer and dryer. Both have been worked on already, the dryer has been worked on twice! Two years ago, we bought a new fridge. The ice maker has been replaced already. Now, the stove! We bought it 6 months ago. Nice stove! I was so happy to have it. Smooth ceramic top (which I love) with the 5th burner for warming, one burner has accusimmer, one burner can be both a larger or small burner. The oven is/was so nice. Has convection and accubake and . . self clean . . wherein lies the problem. Friday night while baking potatoes, one exploded in the oven. It was time to clean it anyway so Saturday morning I did the cleaning thing for the first time. Well . . it got finished and it clicked and clanked and groaned and moaned but it wouldn't unlock. Called Whirlpool Monday morning; tried every trick in the book. Only thing it would do was more clicking and clanking and groaning and moaning so they'll send out a repairman . . Saturday. So, I go a week without the use of the oven. It's really not a big deal but dang it, I spent a lot of $$ on that stove and I'd be so happy if something worked as it was intended! JL


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