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Friday, March 04, 2005

Support Our Soldiers

I'm on several support groups for soldiers and there are a few that have touched my heart and probably changed my life. I've found that doing things for the soldiers has brought way more benefit to me than to the soldiers. If you aren't actively and aggressively supporting soldiers, please do so and do it NOW! If you are a quilter, there's a need for quilts for our injured troops coming home. Check out Quilts of Valor If you want to adopt a soldier and send packages or if you want to write them letters, check it out at Soldiers' Angels If you'd like to send something every now and then but don't want to commit, please check out Any It doesn't matter if you think the war is right or wrong, if you're a Democrat or Republican, if you like President Bush or not, PLEASE let our troops know you support them.


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