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Monday, June 20, 2005

Now I Remember . .

Now I remember why I said I'd never build another house. We found the lot on Saturday. Sunday we decided to switch lots. Our builder said ok .. he'd get with the builder who owns #53 and they could switch lots . . this is something they had agreed on before. We spent 3 hours with the builder today and this evening found out the other builder will not switch lots with our builder so we're ready to start building . . with no lot. There's another subdivision that has some basement lots but it's much farther out than I wanted to live but . . it has trees and it is .75 acre where the first lots were almost .50 acre and the larger lot is about $25K less! So, looks like the new house will be in Woodcrest Subdivision instead of Plantation Pointe. Here's the new lot. I believe we need more than luck to get through this! Judy L.


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