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Saturday, June 18, 2005

You Just Never Know What a Day Holds in Store

It's just a routine Saturday. This weekend is the Parade of Homes. We sometimes go . . sometimes don't go . . not really thrilled with looking at houses we'll never own. But this morning Vince decides we'll go to the Parade of Homes. So off we go, traipsing through fancy smancy houses that look like they should be in magazines; the kind of houses where furniture should match, mini-blinds aren't covered in dust, no threads on the carpet, the quilts on the beds have the bindings finished . . obviously not the kind of house I'll ever have. But we like this one particular builder, Rick Bivins. We've liked him for several years. I swore I'd never build another house. I *really* swore every time Vince mentioned building a house. I guess on this particular Saturday my defenses were down because when Vince found the perfect lot, which happened to be owned by Rick, we were off and running. We tracked Rick down; told him we want the lot; we'll be in Monday to sign the papers. Then we went to Books-A-Million, picked up a book of houseplans . . first book had the plan I liked. Ten minutes is all it took to find the perfect house plan. This can't be all falling into place so quickly. So, in one short day, we've taken a really wild course and this may or may not be fun but we're off and running. Wish us luck! Judy


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