Sunshine Quilts

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Lots of Sewing on Saturday

About the 36 yards of fabric that I bought yesterday, you all almost made me feel guilty but I need to explain (translate: make excuses). I normally go to the quilt shop once a month to pick up and deliver quilt. When I went last month, that was during the August Fabric Diet so I bought nothing. I may not go back in October because I'm hoping to get back to Louisiana then. And, I make 3 or 4 quilt tops each month so I really do go through a lot of fabric. Vince pretty much watched football games all day, Chad worked and other than fixing breakfast and lunch, and a couple of loads of laundry and other minor housekeeping chores, I spent the day sewing. I find that working from the stash, especially doing quilts that need variety, I make such a mess! I am pretty messy anyway but I seem to be making more of a mess than usual. Yesterday I came up with the plan for the October Quilt for an Hour project. I love it and I hope you will too. You can't see it yet -- at least not til mid-September. I'd like to have it all quilted before I show it to you. I have the quilting idea in my head. It was for this project that I was pulling fabrics this morning. These squares are used in the top - how's this for a tease? Last night I got all the backgrounds washed, dried and ironed and got the purples washed and dried but didn't get them ironed. Look who I found all wrapped up in my purples as I was trying to get them pressed. Judy L.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Successful Trip to Quilt Shop

They probably look dark in the picture but here's 36 yards of purples and backgrounds. I ran out of $$ before I got to the blues and reds .. will have to save those for the next trip. Going to get them all washed and I'll be ready to start a new project! :) Judy L.

August is History!

September is here and I am surely glad to flip that August calendar over and reveal a new month. The "No Fabric in August" challenge is over and guess where I'm headed today! Yes, to the quilt shop - Village Mercantile in Boonville, IN. Vince is off today and we're going over there and then to Evansville to eat a fish sandwich at Culver's. We don't have a Culver's here but we're getting one some time after the first of the year. What am I going to buy? The purpose of the trip is to deliver quilts that were quilted and pick up more to be quilted but I am going to buy some fabric. I need backgrounds! I love small prints (not calico) instead of solids for backgrounds. I might add a few reds since I used so many recently. I need purples but Betty doesn't have a great stock of purple. I'm going to have to talk to her about that! I could use a few blues too. There's no telling what I'll get. With Vince there watching and if the new Bernina foot has arrived, I may not get as much as I'd normally get but . . we'll see. Judy L.