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Monday, July 03, 2006

This & That

We have more new ring members: Bonnie Shelina Esteemarlu Mama Koch Tazzie Melanie Welcome to you all! About the house, thanks for all your good thoughts on it but the reasons why we will not get it will not change. They are:

  • The log house is maybe a couple of miles from our country house, but farther out. The reason we have the house in town and the house in the country is because I didn't want to drive on the back roads so much while Chad was in high school. Now that he's driving (well, not til he gets his own car and insurance but that will happen soon), I don't want him driving on those roads. He's obviously not going to be a very good driver and even though I can't shield him from everything, I really don't want to cause him to be on the really bad, windy, narrow roads any more than he has to be. If it were just Vince and me, the roads would not be an issue because Vince can get to work by staying on a state highway, although it isn't great either. I wouldn't leave home enough to worry about it but it's not just us for a few more years so the roads are a major consideration.
  • Second, we can't get DSL at that house. Our home must be about the last house going out that way that has it. Vince really has to have fast internet access because he does research and work from home. We could get satellite but it's way expensive and just not worth it.
Neither of those can be overcome right now so the house isn't going to work for us. Otherwise, I think we would have made a deal yesterday. Judy


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