Sunshine Quilts

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Numb Feeling Kinda Day

Chad is gone to his dad's for Christmas. The news is awful, it's cold and gray. Christmas just isn't Christmas when I'm away from my family. We're waiting on a big snow storm . . possibly 10 inches tonight. Not much for those who are used to having lots of snow but it will shut this whole area down for days. It doesn't matter to me though . . Vince is off til after Christmas, I have plenty to keep us busy if the electricity goes off, plenty of quilts to keep us warm . . I guess. I've never spent much time in zero degree weather without heat. Guess this could be my first and last post if I turn into an ice cube! :) Poor Vince! He stopped at the grocery store, not thinking about the forecast. You'd think everyone in this town had to go to the grocery store when there's snow in the forecast. Thankfully, my pantry is full. Vince keeps reminding me that I am the one who can't wait for the first snow each year. Maybe this will be the year that breaks me of this anticipation.


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